tinybotreviews¬†is a fun, quirky and really rather odd blog that is programmed exclusively to talk about films! Our 3 Directives are to share our 1) thoughts 2) opinions and 3) experiences, on all things relating to the big screen. We review some of the latest cinema releases and revisit some of the most well-known classics. You will also find regular news posts and articles on some of the hottest debates in the film industry, we’ll also start our own along the way. We are very happy to be joining a fast growing film community online and we would love to hear from any/all readers, even if you just want a virtual cup of tea and a web-based cookie. Please check out our contact page!


To tie in with this shiny new film blog, at the beginning of July 2017 we will be launching our exclusive new web-based comic strip each month to accompany the blog. Read them, show them to your friends, or print them out when your Andrex runs out, it’s entirely up to you! The comic strip is currently titled The Adventures and Mishaps of TinyBot. Each month will be a few panels long and a self-contained story, so don’t worry if you miss a few! In the meantime be sure to follow us on Twitter for all the latest news, blogs and updates. Beep.